Summer School programs, which are generally aimed at students aged 5 to 18, are the most popular study abroad programs in the world.

These programs, which include language education, personal development and holiday goals for students, provide students with opportunities to develop and practice foreign language in their home country, to interact with different cultures, increase self-confidence and accumulate unforgettable holiday memories.

Students can choose options such as homestay or dormitory accommodation individually or as a group. During the leisure time outside the program, they have the opportunity to practice the language while having fun time with activities, cultural trips and city tours organized by schools. The biggest advantage of this is that it takes place in a completely natural and English-dominated environment.

For this reason, summer school programs should not be perceived as temporary and simple programs. During these age periods when students receive and apply information in the fastest way, even a few weeks of summer school program will positively affect their character, vision and knowledge.

1- Country and City Selection – Program Duration – Decision Stage

As a result of interviews with Hi to London professional consultants, the most appropriate location and program duration is determined according to the expectations of students or groups. At the decision stage, the student’s age, first time participating in the program or having previous experience and personal preferences are also taken into account.

2- When You Perform the Registration Process

Registration fee is paid and registration process is completed by filling out the Hi to London Registration Form and Contract related to the program decided by the student and their parents.

3- Visa Procedures

The visa procedures of the country where the student will participate in the program and the list of necessary documents are notified to the student and their parents. Hi-London consultants check the completeness of the documents and apply for a visa.

4- Prior Information and Orientation Before Travel

Before the program, detailed information about all necessary materials and their operation is given in our offices or schools.

5- Transportation to England

If desired, all transportation processes are organized by our Hi to London consultants.

6- Airport Transfer

After arriving in England, our Hi to London team welcomes you at the airport and sails to the accommodation.

7- Settlement in Accommodation

Depending on the preferred accommodation type, students or groups are safely placed in accommodation centers or with a family, accompanied by our advisors.

8- Training Process

On the first day of the program, students are placed in the appropriate classes by starting the placement test and the education begins.

9- Sports, Activities and Excursions

Students and groups have the opportunity to improve their English further by participating in various activities and sports activities along with various cultural and artistic excursions, during the afternoons, evenings or weekends.

10- Submission of the Certificate

With the exam held on the last day of the program, the students get the certificate of participation accepted at international standards by proving their language development.

If we want to count the main advantages of going to summer school in the UK:

  • Having the advantages of learning English in their home country.
  • Not to be limited with the courses but to be in cultural interaction.
  • Better understanding of the global importance of English.
  • Building friendships with students from different countries
  • Positive effects on self-confidence increase.
  • Experience living in another country.

Remember, summer school programs should not be perceived as temporary and simple programs. During these age periods when students receive and apply information in the fastest way, even a few weeks of summer school program will positively affect their character, vision and knowledge.

Quality, safe and professional service

Where it should reference our individual and corporate life with many students and professionals realize the dreams of the people and institutions that we are the reliable partner in Turkey and England

In this context, as a Hi to London professional team:

  • Preparing individual and group programs
  • Agreement with schools offering reliable and quality education
  • Working with consultants who are experts in their field on summer schools
  • Health insurance for all students
  • Delivery before leaving Turkey the sim card can communicate with the families of students
  • Having a hotline and helpline
  • 24 hours a day having a wide network by serving as a reference solution partner to many of pulverizing education institutions in Turkey
  • From the first minute he starts to get students counseling, registration, training time and we have the full support and professional services such as providing outstanding service quality and process until the return of the reference portfolio in Turkey.

Chalfont School – London – 8 – 17 Age

University of East London – London – 11 – 17 Age

Greenwich University – London – 12 – 17 Age

Queen Mary University of London – London – 12 – 17 Age

Brunel University – London – 9 – 17 Age

South Bank University – London – 13 – 17 Age

University College London – London – 13 – 17 Age

University of Hertfordshire – London – 11 – 18 Age

Bell St Albans – London – 7 – 17 Age

Skola – Londra – 6 -9 / 10 – 16 Age / Family Program (Parent and child can join together.)

English Studio – London – 8 – 17 Age

Frances King – London- 12 – 17 Age * Family Program (Parent and child can join together.)

EC English – London – Shoreditch Campus – 13 – 17 Age

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