Bell Language is one of the most outstanding schools in the UK for education. It is progressing with a mentality that excites the student and makes education more efficient with the experience of more than 60 years. At this point, they adopted 6 basic principles. These; To meet high expectations, to provide purpose-oriented training, to make person-based guidance, to limit learning not only to lessons, to carry it to social life, to make one-to-one assessments with teachers, to provide permanent training with expert staff.

The training modules you can choose at Bell; Effective English, IELTS Exam preparation, Cambridge Exam Preparation, Business English. In addition, extra modules can be selected; Skills, Business Studies, Art and Design, 1 to 1 Tuition.

The school is recommended by 98% of students. Location is in Bloomsbury in central London and within walking distance to popular attractions.

If you really want to get a quality education, Bell is a first school you may prefer.


Students are developed the skills they need to communicate and succeed as global speakers of English speaking in different settings.

Gain your language skills and confidence to effectively communicate with local and non-local speakers in a variety of situations. Throughout the course: Practice with role-playing in your speaking skills, discussions and presentations on current events, learn to write different types of communication, such as reports, emails, articles and reviews, and listen to original materials such as TV and radio programs to improve your understanding skills. Read and understand a wide variety of articles, stories and other texts Learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures that suit your level. Discover how to mobilize your language outside the classroom Work independently using the extensive resources in our study center.

Class Capacity Maximum 14 (Cambridge), 12 (London)
Start Every Monday / Except Public Holidays
Course Duration 1 week +
Minimum age is 16
Levels A1 – C2 (Elementary – Proficiency)
Course Days Monday – Friday (Excluding public holidays)


Starting from £ 325 / Weekly (All Price List)

Each student is a unique individual for us: it is one of the basic principles of Bell Way. We can help you find the most suitable course for your unique young student.

English Explorer

Our popular English Explorer program offers a holistic language experience that is immersive, flexible and fun. You can read the English Explorer throughout the year – view our seasonal courses for more information. We also offer a youth course for those between the ages of 7-10.

English and beyond

Where will English take your child? Is business success a prestigious British boarding school or a world-leading university? Our specialization courses are designed for students with higher language levels who want to take the next step in their educational journey.
Class size Average 12, Maximum 14
Starting dates June – July – August
Course duration 1 week +
Age limit 11 – 17
Supervisor / student ratio 1: 6
Levels A1 – C2 (Beginner – Language proficiency)
Price Starting from £ 2,680 for a two-week course (£ 1,175 per week in Bell St Albans)

The best teachers never stop learning.

During their career, Bell is trained to become a teacher and win a CELTA, or to become an advanced practitioner in Delta. At the Bell Teacher Campus, we organize two-week development courses for your career at any time, at any level and for each level. We also run special teacher training projects for groups around the world. We believe in continuous professional development. There’s always something new to learn.

Course Type Celta
Start dates 12 August, 16 September, 4 November 2019
Course duration 4 weeks
Age limit adults over 18
Levels Advanced (C1) – Proficient (C2)
Course days Monday-Friday (Except public holidays)

Price £ 1,570 + assessment fee

    • Our basic path selection allows you to prepare for the degree that is important to you. Prepare for the university, examine the subjects you are interested in and benefit from the first day of the university.

      Bell Business Foundation (Fast-track) provides students with the necessary knowledge and academic skills to succeed in various degrees in the following topics:

      International business
      You will examine the three subject modules, along with our basic core modules, so that you have the knowledge and skills you need to attend an English-speaking university.

      Class size Maximum 12
      Start dates January 6, 2019
      Course duration 2 terms
      Age limit 17
      Levels Upper Intermediate (B2) – Proficient (C2)
      Course days Monday-Friday (Except public holidays)

      Price: £ 13,700 Admission requirements: Upper Intermediate B2 / IELTS 5.5

      2019 (24 weeks)

      Term 1: January 07 – April 5
      Term 2: April 23 – July 5

      2020 (24 weeks)

      Term 1: January 06 – April 3
      Term 2: April 20 – July 3








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